In the works

I’ve had a busy few weeks working on creative presents for a couple of friends and making some new friends to talk about a potential new project (which I’m not going to jinx by mentioning just yet, apart from to say I’m very excited about the possibilities). The T Rex above was knitted by mum and I for my friend Read more about In the works[…]

Heaven help the new girls

We went to pick up our new chickens this weekend from the BHWT temporary camp at Chilton. We originally had our names down for two girls but when we arrived it was more than half way through the rehoming and there were a few hens that still didn’t have homes. Now we have the upgraded the Read more about Heaven help the new girls[…]

A hoggie invasion

Last Sunday I shut the hens away a little later than usual and became aware of a rustling in the undergrowth by the run. On closer inspection we found this little fellow trying to get into the run to eat the girls meallyworms. The next day I went into our local pet shop for some Read more about A hoggie invasion[…]

Birthday times

It was my birthday this week and if I’m honest it was probably the oddest birthday I’ve had in a while! Jam was diagnosed with shingles last week and promptly excluded from work until he was better, I was fairly sure I hadn’t got shingles but had to cancel quite a few birthday plans ‘just Read more about Birthday times[…]

Not quite the weekend we had planned

This weekend I was looking forward to visiting Glastonbury, its my birthday on Tuesday and since the end of last year I’ve been pestering Jam to take me for a good look round the crystal shops, a nice pub lunch and a climb up the tor. This weekend was blocked out in the diary accordingly Read more about Not quite the weekend we had planned[…]

Wallpapering time arrives for the spare room

After returning from the farm the unenviable task of removing the last of the very thick anaglypta wall paper was still to be accomplished Two people scraping means less work than one, soon we had a tidy pile and all that was left was for Jam to remove the very last bit Mum and dad came down Read more about Wallpapering time arrives for the spare room[…]

Slowly does it – lace knitting and house improvements

I haven’t vanished, but the Scotland pics are taking longer than anticipated to sort through (I took a lot) however there are other things to update you on. This weekend we were lucky enough to have a bank holiday so we managed some things we’ve been putting off for a while and did other exciting Read more about Slowly does it – lace knitting and house improvements[…]