Plant shopping with Sian

chickens 041

This Saturday Jam was sitting a computing exam, rather than sitting at home waiting for a text I went for a coffee and then garden centre visit with my lovely friend Sian. I was after a few more plants for our living room windowsill and managed to bag a few crackers as well as the above lovely pot for a lavender I bought a couple of weeks ago (in the above photo).

chickens 035

Love the purple underside of these leaves

chickens 038

Fantastic texture on this succulent

chickens 037

Sian has already claimed one of the babies from this one!

chickens 039

Butterfly plant, I’ve always wanted one of these.

chickens 036

Variegated Jade. I also picked up a plant stand for my new studio, it reminded me of the beautiful statues we saw at the rec yard in Hungerford, the difference was I could afford this one.

chickens 032I can’t decide if I should put a variegated ivy on it or a Rosary Vine, decisions decisions!

In other gardening news as well as harvesting this years potatoes we have also had our first pears!

pears 006

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