Heaven help the new girls

chickens 043

We went to pick up our new chickens this weekend from the BHWT temporary camp at Chilton. We originally had our names down for two girls but when we arrived it was more than half way through the rehoming and there were a few hens that still didn’t have homes. Now we have the upgraded the coop to a cube there was more than enough room for an extra girl so with the three of them safely in the carrier we headed to the car. There is always a really lovely moment when the last hen has been put the crate and you are driving home. The hens are usually really quiet wondering with trepidation what awaits them but its fab to know they are coming to a place where they can regrow their feathers, be loved, live in a comfy bed and become proper chickens again. The worst is behind them and they probably can’t even imagine what awaits them when they come out the crate. These guys didn’t seem to be able to believe it. So may I introduce you to Bathilda (Bertie for short – yes we are sticking with the Harry Potter theme for the names)

chickens 013


chickens 016

And Molly

chickens 019

We hope they’ll be very happy here

chickens 023

chickens 025

And to top off a perfect weekend we caught Nina Conti at the Oxford Playhouse.

chickens 008

chickens 011

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