Heaven help the new girls

We went to pick up our new chickens this weekend from the BHWT temporary camp at Chilton. We originally had our names down for two girls but when we arrived it was more than half way through the rehoming and there were a few hens that still didn’t have homes. Now we have the upgraded the Read more about Heaven help the new girls[…]

Wychwood forest fair

Today was the nicest day we have had for ages, which made our trip to the Wychwood forest fair even better! There were a myriad of delights but the main thing that lured us there was our favourite puppetry company Hand to Mouth theatre were performing the most excellent Piggery Jokery, so clearly we had Read more about Wychwood forest fair[…]

A visit to Tiggywinkles

This weekend in a trip that has been long overdue I set off with Trish to visit St Tiggywinkles wildlife hospital. Primarily known for being a hedgehog hospital the site also takes in and rehabilitates all species of birds (including lots of the beautiful local red kites), badgers, roe deer, foxes, waterfowl, bats (oh and did Read more about A visit to Tiggywinkles[…]

White choc and cranberry cookies

Every year in December we usually get really busy, so this year I promised myself I wouldn’t add any extra stress by adding anything ‘extra’ into my diary. I failed at this miserably last week when a friend at work organised a bake sale to raise money for Crisis to provide a Christmas, meal, healthcheck and Read more about White choc and cranberry cookies[…]

Jam’s birthday and a green fair at work

 Jam celebrated ‘a significant’ Birthday in December, so as well as taking him to see one of his favourite bands Ade Edmonson & the Bad Sheppard’s I also booked us a table at local eatery Gee’s. The restaurant itself is situated inside a large glass house, so even if the weather is terrible (as it usually is in Read more about Jam’s birthday and a green fair at work[…]