Cogges farm Christmas fair

It’s the one I had been waiting for, the Christmas fair at Cogges farm, Witney! If you’ve never visited Cogges it’s a lovely old farmhouse (parts date back to the 13th Century) just outside the historic market town of Witney and the Cotswolds. The house is open from March and as well as looking round Read more about Cogges farm Christmas fair[…]

Progress report

So whilst still trying to figure out the correct size for a few remaining panels for artweeks I have been working on leading a couple of dragonflies (this as you may remeber was a commission, a copy on a previous design of mine but in a different colourway for a friend and while this needs Read more about Progress report[…]

Terrarium fun for Sian

My friend Sian has her birthday in January which gave me the whole of the Christmas holidays to decide what to get/make for her. We share a mutual love of gardening & when visiting our house Sian had commented on the many succulents that line the windowsills here. I love succulents, they are pretty, easy Read more about Terrarium fun for Sian[…]

In the works

I’ve had a busy few weeks working on creative presents for a couple of friends and making some new friends to talk about a potential new project (which I’m not going to jinx by mentioning just yet, apart from to say I’m very excited about the possibilities). The T Rex above was knitted by mum and I for my friend Read more about In the works[…]

Hannah’s exhibition at the lightbox

This weekend we headed off to Woking to visit Auntie Adrienne & uncle Alan. Although we didn’t get chance to see my cousin Hannah (cause she was at work) auntie Adrienne suggested we go and see some of Hannah’s coursework which is currently on display at the Lightbox gallery (just a stones throw from the Read more about Hannah’s exhibition at the lightbox[…]

Things to make – some reflections on my first bits of making to sell

This time last year I was four months into the New Years Resolution Club, a monthly club for ladies who wanted to achieve goals. We set ourselves targets and then during the following month tried to make progress on that target. During the first few sessions we were encouraged to create moodboards and think about Read more about Things to make – some reflections on my first bits of making to sell[…]


I’m delighted to announce that more progress is being made against the house revamp. This weekend Jam managed to put down the Lino in the bathroom (it isn’t stuck down yet as it needs to settle). And as you can see above we also got painting this weekend, the front bedroom which is hopefully going to Read more about Progress![…]

I knitted a house

For Age UK, they asked  and I knitted, but alas not quite fast enough, so an emergency day off was needed to sew all the bits together and stuff it. I got there in the end however and headed into town to hand my beautiful crofters cottage in. This is the picture it was based Read more about I knitted a house[…]

Making Christmas

It’s only going to be a brief post this evening I’m afraid my lovelies (but golden stars if you spotted the nightmare before Christmas reference from the title alone, I love that film and I’ve been sing making Christmas around the house as I work…). I thought I’d check in and let you know what Read more about Making Christmas[…]

Just like that my first lot of made things heads out into the world

I’ve been squirreling away at my desk these past few weeks which is why the blog has been a bit quiet (that and I’ve  got a few gig reviews to put up but they are somewhat still ‘coming together’ & so far all I can say about them is that they were awesome, must try Read more about Just like that my first lot of made things heads out into the world[…]