Birthday times

It was my birthday this week and if I’m honest it was probably the oddest birthday I’ve had in a while! Jam was diagnosed with shingles last week and promptly excluded from work until he was better, I was fairly sure I hadn’t got shingles but had to cancel quite a few birthday plans ‘just Read more about Birthday times[…]

This years visit to Giffords

Giffords Circus has become for us a bit of an annual pilgrimage, we first went a couple of years ago for our friend’s Zoe’s birthday and from that moment on we were hooked. This year we insisted on dragging Fi and Alex (who had never been to Giffords before) along with us and as always Read more about This years visit to Giffords[…]

A photo trip to Giffords

A week ago I spotted a new post on Nell Giffords blog, in a joint promotion with Olympus Cameras they were giving 100 happy snappers (& one guest) a chance to test out the newest Olympus camera on some of the Circus acts. Expert camera guidance would also be provided by pro photographer Damian McGillicuddy. Read more about A photo trip to Giffords[…]

Giffords Circus and a related book launch

On Friday I took an early lunch hour and hotfooted it to Blackwell’s bookshop, where my favourite circus were hanging out and officially launching their new book, Giffords Circus – the first 10 years (its only taken me two days to read the whole thing, I couldn’t put it down & its an amazing look at the inside Read more about Giffords Circus and a related book launch[…]