Not quite the weekend we had planned

London & dress making 056

This is indeed Glastonbury Abbey which is the closest I’ve got to the Tor thus far

This weekend I was looking forward to visiting Glastonbury, its my birthday on Tuesday and since the end of last year I’ve been pestering Jam to take me for a good look round the crystal shops, a nice pub lunch and a climb up the tor. This weekend was blocked out in the diary accordingly & by about Wednesday I was getting excited. Unfortunately about Wednesday something else struck Jam, shingles! (that’s grown up chicken pox to you and I). Jam had been complaining of neck/head ache since the weekend and on Wed gave in to my ‘will you go and see the Doctors’ pestering and went to the Doctors. They diagnosed shingles & Jam was promptly signed off work for as long as it takes for him to get better (shingles is quite contagious and can be dangerous especially to pregnant ladies). Not knowing whether I had also got it I’ve put myself in voluntary isolation too but this does give me an excellent opportunity to do some knitting (see this second sock cast on, they may well be finished my Christmas!)

Knitting 008

and also make yet more correct progress on the lace scarf (whoever gave me the tip of doing it only when the house was quiet and having drunk no alcohol thanks, its going much better now!)

Knitting 006

It has however been quite hard to ignore the pile of cards and presents most of which arrived yesterday. Roll on Tuesday

Knitting 010

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