October 27, 2015

Glass Portfolio

In progress at the moment are another version of the dragonfly panel (in a pink colourway – a commission), a clumps panel, another work concerning a hive, a pheasant and a blue goddess.

Below is a selection of the pieces I’ve completed.

Painted Black Arches moth on the light box.

black arches finished

This painted chicken was inspired by the hens I keep & looks particularly like Hermione the hen.


These were a selection of the small suncatchers I produced for this years artweeks


This mermaid panel is a design by Jody & Delina Sheppard. I chose purples as the main colour for the mermaid and fish and black baroque glass to add texture to the hair.


This is a small suncatcher completed at a painted glass workshop. It’s called ‘waggle dance’.

Waggle dance

My first attempt at painted glass under the tutorage of Nicola Kantorowicz. More about the process here

finished castle

After completing the dragonfly panel I wanted to try some copper foiled dragonflies to hang up without putting them into lead


so I made one green one blue and a purple one.


Dragonflies Panel – this design was adapted from a quilting pattern, the design is quite intricate with the dragonflies being done in copper foil and them being dropped into the surrounding lead. More about that here.



My first piece of stained glass adapted from a transparency pattern of a deco barn owl. You can read about the process here