October 27, 2015

Glass Portfolio

In progress at the moment are a sunset panel,  a few spiders, witches and ghosts… Some dragonflies for the garden, 4 more moths, a trout, some painted ladies, a blue goddess and an another angel

The following panels are currently available to purchase:

Angel Playing a Flageolet – Inspired by the Burne-Jones painting of the same name



Busy bees

Hermione hen panel


Below is a selection of some of my previous sold pieces

Seasonal Roundels – spring, summer, autumn and Winter – SOLD

Swifts over the Oxford Natural History Museum  – Shortlisted for Nature in the City Prize – RSPB 2018

Scarlet Tiger – SOLD

Green man – SOLD

Wittenham clumps panel – SOLD

Commissioned colour dragonfly panel – SOLD

Painted Black Arches moth  – SOLD

black arches finished

Mermaid panel – SOLD

Hermione hen panel

Dragonflies Panel – SOLD


Owl Panel – SOLD