July 31, 2016



Hello! Welcome to my website, thanks for stopping by.

From my studio in Abingdon I make stained and painted glass panels, decorative suncatchers and fused gifts. A lot of the inspiration for subject matter comes from being immersed in nature and in particular butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera). In 2015 I was lucky enough to take part in the Oxford Moth project which introduced me to the extraordinary (largely hidden) world of moths. I couldn’t believe how beautiful our native and migrant species are, but due to them flying largely when its dark I had never had the chance to see them before. I set about to literally put moths in the spotlight by creating painted panels of species (based on the idea of an entomology cabinet).

For my creations I use a mixture of sheet glass, choosing rich and vibrant hues to bring the designs to life. Adding paint and enamels to the glass before firing to make permanent allows me to add fine detail and colour as required. Nature has always been a large source of inspiration for me and through my glass work I hope to capture and celebrate the beauty and diversity of native species and landscapes.

My Etsy shop is here but if you are interested in commissioning a panel or small suncatcher for yourself or as a gift or stocking my cards please do contact me me directly. (You can see previous examples of my work on the glass portfolio page). I make to order so lead times will vary depending on the piece.

You can find out more about my day to day inspiration (quite a lot of moths among other things) over on the blog.

Proud to be a  member of the BSMGP

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