Wallpapering time arrives for the spare room

The farm 259

After returning from the farm the unenviable task of removing the last of the very thick anaglypta wall paper was still to be accomplished

The farm 263

Look at it, evil stuff

Two people scraping means less work than one, soon we had a tidy pile

The farm 260

and all that was left was for Jam to remove the very last bit

The farm 265

Mum and dad came down to stay for the weekend and while mum and I headed off to have a lovely time looking at vintage dresses at Heavenly Vintage Brides (we went for a look but the glass of wine mum is enjoying below was a celebratory one as yes we did find THE DRESS)

Wedding dress 048

Jam and dad got down to some serious wallpapering and finished the William Morris Wall.

Wedding dress 051

It looks amazing & now all that’s left to do is decide what colour to paint the other three walls. Any suggestions?

Wedding dress 053

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