Progress report

So whilst still trying to figure out the correct size for a few remaining panels for artweeks I have been working on leading a couple of dragonflies (this as you may remeber was a commission, a copy on a previous design of mine but in a different colourway for a friend and while this needs Read more about Progress report[…]

In the works

I’ve had a busy few weeks working on creative presents for a couple of friends and making some new friends to talk about a potential new project (which I’m not going to jinx by mentioning just yet, apart from to say I’m very excited about the possibilities). The T Rex above was knitted by mum and I for my friend Read more about In the works[…]

Heaven help the new girls

We went to pick up our new chickens this weekend from the BHWT temporary camp at Chilton. We originally had our names down for two girls but when we arrived it was more than half way through the rehoming and there were a few hens that still didn’t have homes. Now we have the upgraded the Read more about Heaven help the new girls[…]

A hoggie invasion

Last Sunday I shut the hens away a little later than usual and became aware of a rustling in the undergrowth by the run. On closer inspection we found this little fellow trying to get into the run to eat the girls meallyworms. The next day I went into our local pet shop for some Read more about A hoggie invasion[…]


I’m delighted to announce that more progress is being made against the house revamp. This weekend Jam managed to put down the Lino in the bathroom (it isn’t stuck down yet as it needs to settle). And as you can see above we also got painting this weekend, the front bedroom which is hopefully going to Read more about Progress![…]

Derbyshire days

Friday night we left a very windy Oxfordshire and headed across to Derbyshire to celebrate Uncle Martin’s birthday, but joy of joys we had Saturday morning free to explore the beautiful surroundings! We went into Matlock centre first of all: After having a shop (and getting a bit wet) we carried onto Bakewell (where the tarts come Read more about Derbyshire days[…]