Farewell Helena

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It is my sad duty to report the passing of Helena, top chicken and undisputed beauty of the coop, and best friend of Myrtle. On a particularly cold winters morning when going to give the girls their breakfast and let them out for the day we found Helena still seemingly asleep in the nesty box, we got her out and although she revived briefly she died in my arms a few minutes later. When we first rescued Helena she was not the friendliest of chickens as she hated being picked up, being far to proud of her new feathers for them to be messed up by humans! But as her feathers grew back so did her confidence and soon s he took command of the coop making sure she got the pick of the mealworms. Her somewhat rude health was threatened earlier this year when she was diagnosed with sour crop. After being spectacularly sick over the vet she was given some antibiotics but we were warned to prepare ourselves for the worst.

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The antibiotics had to be administered every morning and evening and feeling so weak Helena didn’t have the strength to run away and finally started to enjoy her cuddles. Thanks to the wonder of the antibiotics (topped up with good bacteria from natural yogurt) Helena overcame her illness and passed the rest of summer dustbathing and running around with her friends. An outgoing chicken with a lust for life till the end she will be missed by all of us who knew her. Sleep well beautiful girl.

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