Grandpa birthday 009

I’m delighted to announce that more progress is being made against the house revamp. This weekend Jam managed to put down the Lino in the bathroom (it isn’t stuck down yet as it needs to settle).

Grandpa birthday 012

And as you can see above we also got painting this weekend, the front bedroom which is hopefully going to be our new bedroom and is in the process of being painted lemon yellow (with our current room being painted cream and red becoming a guest room). I also made progress in another area I’m famed for being a bit slow in, knitting! Jam’s scarf that I started last year & meant to finish by Christmas was finally completed, and very fetching he looks in it too:

Grandpa birthday 008

Having nothing to occupy my fingers also spurred me onto starting another flock of Chickens of destiny ready to reopen my etsy shop.

Grandpa birthday 018

And the progress wasn’t limited to the house, in the garden for the first time ever we have Iris’ in bloom (I’ve tried to grow them in previous years but they haven’t come up, these miniatures however seem to have done the trick).

Grandpa birthday 019

Grandpa birthday 020

Last but not least a bit of progress from the girls. First blue egg of the year!

Grandpa birthday 016

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