Progress report

So whilst still trying to figure out the correct size for a few remaining panels for artweeks I have been working on leading a couple of dragonflies (this as you may remeber was a commission, a copy on a previous design of mine but in a different colourway for a friend and while this needs to be done at some point I may have to return to artweeks panels soon as shock horror we are nearly in April!).

Dragonfly stained glass in progress

You may recognise the cranberry glass used in the border and indeed the glass in the dragonfly as both were used in my mermaid panel, but came in again here as the brief for colours was purples & pinks! I was lucky enough to pick up an additional sheet of the glass I need for the main face of my green man and to bag some chicken-esq shaedes of glass as well last night at Glass class so aim to nab at lest one full day working on designs & cutting glass for some of my planned artweeks panels over the upcoming bank holiday.

In other procrastination news I’ve also been doing a fair bit of knitting spurred on my an excellent knitting blog I found called Handknitted things and the fact that the West Yorkshire Spinners have just released a selection of bird themed sock Yarn!

bird sock yarn

Left to right we have Blue tit, Bullfinch, Pheasant, Owl and Wood Pigeon!

How beautiful are they?!? And that isn’t even the full set!!!! I started out modestly with Pheasant & Kingfisher but I’m not sure I can hold out much longer without a bit of Blue Tit, Owl, Peacock maybe and the Bullfinch is very pretty…

This has the knock on effect that in order to knit new socks with new yarn I must first finish in progress socks.  I’m finally at the heel stage of Jameses *I have been knitting these forever* pair

mibs and socks

Mabel here *helping* by keeping an eye on the sock yarn to make sure it doesn’t go anywhere it shouldn’t…

but after looking at my own in progress socks carefully I realised there were holes (not good as beautiful sock yarn) so had to swallow hard & rip back (thus going from nearly to the heel to this:


& via changing the pattern along the way). The new pattern is by Kate Atherley & is available on amazing yarn resource Ravelry as a free download. Unlike the last pattern the ribbing seems to be much better, and up till now I don’t seem to have any holes so I have every confidence that after I finish the socks they will be fit for purpose & have a half decent chance of staying on my legs. So lots of progress being made but no further finished things just yet, apart from the Araucana’s who yet again have started laying (must be spring) & this week managed the perfect half dozen:


Well done girls!

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