Philip Pullman – Oxford Literary Festival

Up until two weeks ago I didn’t think I would be going to Oxford Literary Festival this year. I had tried and failed to get a single ticket to see Philip Pullman talk about all things Northern Lights related and some thoughts on his new work all about Dust – that magical substance that exists in Read more about Philip Pullman – Oxford Literary Festival[…]

Socking it to you

This Sunday I headed off to a sock class at the wonderful Oxford Yarn Store. I was joined by 3 other students Jeremy, Elizabeth and Heidi and the class was expertly taught by James. We started off by studying the instructions and the most excellent multi coloured sock (different colours for different parts). Soon however the Read more about Socking it to you[…]

In the mood for love (and erm booze)

We weren’t actually around for Valentine’s day itself (more on that in the next post) so I searched around for something romantic we could do on a weeknight instead. Just up the road from work is excellent buy your bottle and fill it with lovely fruit flavoured booze or oil shop the DemiJohn. As I’m Read more about In the mood for love (and erm booze)[…]

Late with Blake

A new exhibition of William Blake works has just opened at the Ashmolean Museum and so a Live Friday was held to mark the occasion, we met up with friends David and Yuan Yuan, first for a fantastic meal at Shanghai 30s and then to experience the late night delights. And what delights there were! Read more about Late with Blake[…]

Giffords Circus and a related book launch

On Friday I took an early lunch hour and hotfooted it to Blackwell’s bookshop, where my favourite circus were hanging out and officially launching their new book, Giffords Circus – the first 10 years (its only taken me two days to read the whole thing, I couldn’t put it down & its an amazing look at the inside Read more about Giffords Circus and a related book launch[…]

People and plants at the botanical gardens

Tonight we went to the botanical gardens in Oxford for a guided tour given by the lovely and very knowledgeable Katherine French who is currently studying ethno botany at the university. In short it was fascinating! We started off in the poisonous bed Belladonna which has modern uses for dilating the pupil A Harry Potter favourite the Mandrake, Read more about People and plants at the botanical gardens[…]

Markets and fairs

Thought I’d start a series of posts to give an insight into some of the most excellent things that happen in Oxford on what seems to be a daily basis. The first is an old favourite the Thursday Antique/collectables market at Gloucester Green. There are always loads of fab stalls and I usually end up coming Read more about Markets and fairs[…]