Philip Pullman – Oxford Literary Festival

Up until two weeks ago I didn’t think I would be going to Oxford Literary Festival this year. I had tried and failed to get a single ticket to see Philip Pullman talk about all things Northern Lights related and some thoughts on his new work all about Dust –¬†that magical substance that exists in Read more about Philip Pullman – Oxford Literary Festival[…]

King Lear at the Bodleian

So last night we headed into Oxford to see the RSC touring production of King Lear. The lead part was played by Joseph Marcell who James recognised instantly as Geoffrey from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. He was wandering round the audience before the play started as were a few of the other actors. Read more about King Lear at the Bodleian[…]

The novel – another serious attempt to finish

On a blustery and quite unpleasant Monday eve last night I resisted the temptation to stay at home & cuddle up to the witchcat/radiator and headed out for a 2 hour workshop with Richard Skinner (yes he of the Fiction programme at the Faber academy) entitled Practical Writing tips. Our homework before we got to Read more about The novel – another serious attempt to finish[…]

Going all golden & baking up a storm

So a few weeks ago I saw a poster at work for the Oxfordshire bake off. Not only was baking fever coming to a school near us but all the money raised was going to Oxfam and local childrens hospice Helen & Douglas house (the same charity I ran dressed as santa for a few Read more about Going all golden & baking up a storm[…]

Endeavouring to please

Yesterday Zoe and I headed to Oxford to see an exhibition being hosted by the Bodleian called Magical Books. At the heart of the exhibition were the original maps from middle earth, Narnia and Lyra’s Oxford. They also had a version of the alethiometer but alas no photos were allowed so you’ll have to visit Read more about Endeavouring to please[…]

A cat, a hat, a piece of string (with added scones and a reading)

So this weekend I was lucky enough to attend a reading with Joanne Harris, the event was part of this years Oxford Literary Festival, and it was a corker! Initially I wasn’t lucky enough to get a ticket, but thanks to a very lovely lady called Pearl, a desperate message on twitter, the Oxford lit Read more about A cat, a hat, a piece of string (with added scones and a reading)[…]

The Red House – a special birthday treat

So as today was my birthday (happy birthday to me) myself and his Jammyness took the day off in order to explore a house that I have been dreaming of for a while. It was at universty that I first found myself drawn to the Pre Raphaelites, we looked at the literature of the movement Read more about The Red House – a special birthday treat[…]