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Thought I’d start a series of posts to give an insight into some of the most excellent things that happen in Oxford on what seems to be a daily basis. The first is an old favourite the Thursday Antique/collectables market at Gloucester Green. There are always loads of fab stalls and I usually end up coming away with a little something (or as in last weeks case something rather big and vintage). The stalls are all located in their own little blue and yellow tents (Oxford colours) so you can keep shopping whatever the weather (& actually there are even more bargains on cold days as the venders want to make it worth their while & there aren’t as many customers/not as much competition!)

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Some stalls are there every week such as the cheeky chappy from I saw you coming (yes as in Harry & Paul).

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Fantastic vintage jewellery & interesting bits & bobs, markets & fairs 007

Some of the stalls are a bit ramshackle….

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But if you are prepared to rummage you can unearth some real gems.

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This little piggy went to market he he…

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Lets take a closer look shall we?

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As I thought TREASURE! This if you hadn’t guessed is another of my favourite stalls, the lady sells all sorts of sewing bits and her sparkly tins/button tins are a goldmine (you can never have too many!). Once you’ve traversed 5 sections of stalls its quite possible you’ll be a bit peckish but fortunately there is a mini farmers market on a Thursday (main produce day is Wed and also well worth a look).

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Yum. So despite being on a research trip I picked up a few bits, want to see?

First buy and undisputed bargain of the day TEASPOONS

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20p each and two of them have silver marks 🙂

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Lovely. Next up is the start of something big. You may remember a couple of weeks ago Jam took me and his mum to a salvage yard for a nosy and like all good days out we had a spot of lunch in a pub first. The food was excellent but the pub also had a very lovely interior, my eye was particularly drawn to their collection of blue and white china on a dresser which is somewhat similar to the collection Uncle Julian used to have.

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I’ve always had vague fantasies of having cupboards filled with Emma Bridgewater china (its so beautiful and her designs really modern yet classic), but even second hand it isn’t cheap and should any damage come to any of it from use (as a chip did to my chicken breakfast bowl) I get really upset. So in a change of direction I give you my first two pieces of blue and white

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A teacup (the final one as my teacup shelf is now full) and a little plate. Thought the flowers and little birds were lovely £6 for the lot. They were joined by these rather handsome paper Mache egg cups. £2 for the pair

markets & fairs 018

markets & fairs 019

And my final purchase of the day (all down to the sewing stall). Vintage diamanté buttons £5 – there are a full set of & fairs 024

Thought they would be lovely either as buttons on something plain or used as decoration on a fascinator. So there you have it a good market haul!

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