Philip Pullman – Oxford Literary Festival

Up until two weeks ago I didn’t think I would be going to Oxford Literary Festival this year. I had tried and failed to get a single ticket to see Philip Pullman talk about all things Northern Lights related and some thoughts on his new work all about Dust – that magical substance that exists in Read more about Philip Pullman – Oxford Literary Festival[…]

To mermaid or not to mermaid

It is not a very commonly known fact outside my group of fellow writers (we call ourselves the Booklings) that I am writing a novel which contains mermaids. We are also currently having our bathroom redone and I wanted to make a piece of art to go in it. As my current mania is very Read more about To mermaid or not to mermaid[…]

Writing, travelling and Lewis

So this is a bit of a round up post of what has been sort of a fragmented week and a half. Last Wednesday myself and a few of my fellow Booklings (lovely group of friends who all write) headed off to Blackwell’s for an evening of conversation between author Lucy Atkins (author of The Missing One) and literary agent Judith Read more about Writing, travelling and Lewis[…]

The novel – another serious attempt to finish

On a blustery and quite unpleasant Monday eve last night I resisted the temptation to stay at home & cuddle up to the witchcat/radiator and headed out for a 2 hour workshop with Richard Skinner (yes he of the Fiction programme at the Faber academy) entitled Practical Writing tips. Our homework before we got to Read more about The novel – another serious attempt to finish[…]