Late with Blake

wwf and ring 115

A new exhibition of William Blake works has just opened at the Ashmolean Museum

wwf and ring 065

and so a Live Friday was held to mark the occasion, we met up with friends David and Yuan Yuan, first for a fantastic meal at Shanghai 30s and then to experience the late night delights.

wwf and ring 047

And what delights there were! The most frightening being the angel/devil pairs that wandered the halls:

wwf and ring 067

wwf and ring 069

wwf and ring 074

Clearly a few of the Angels had been watching the Blink episode of Doctor Who…

wwf and ring 063

wwf and ring 075

Having successfully run away from them we headed to the basement where there was the opportunity to make our own shadow puppets inspired by Blake.

wwf and ring 112

I went for a fork carrying devil.

wwf and ring 094

As you can see operating him was great fun!

wwf and ring 092

Yulan also made a shadow puppet

wwf and ring 098

Although she also had a go with my devil as well.

wwf and ring 102

While I think our puppets were awesome, the professional ones were exquisite, just proves what you can do with paper, split pins and kebab sticks!

wwf and ring 090

After tracking down a few more angels

wwf and ring 119

and trying to avoid the dark figures that lurked in the shadows

wwf and ring 053

wwf and ring 128

wwf and ring 055

We succeeded and there was time for one more paper activity, but with a dark twist. Making ingots of dead money to be burned and take into the afterlife.

wwf and ring 122

As expected Yuan Yuan was a natural

wwf and ring 123

But thanks to the excellent tutorage we all emerged with an ingot

wwf and ring 125

And so exhausted from our exploits it was time to bid the Ashmolean goodnight.

wwf and ring 135

The Blake exhibition runs until 1 March 2015. More information here.

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