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Lou Lou

So just a few days after visiting the weekly market I got to visit a travelling vintage fair. Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair took up residence in Oxford town hall for one day only! There were loads of great stalls.

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There was also a tea party going on in another room

markets & fairs 039

The complete tea gang, all dressed in their own style of vintage, the tea shop was called Mabel’s which pleased witchcat immensely.

markets & fairs 040

Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) I had set myself a budget. I said a big yes to this mock cameo ring (I fell in love with another cameo of a very pretty lady with a rose in her hair but buying her would have blown the budget and then some, so she had to stay where she was).

markets & fairs 041

I tried on a fair few hats, most didn’t fit but then I spied this blue number:

markets & fairs 046

It fit but I wasn’t sure it would go with anything, I went to think about it and when I came back another lady was trying it on, my heart sank as I realised I did really like it and should have bought it earlier. Fortunately she too decided to think about it so I swooped and it is now mine. I think/hope it suits no?

markets & fairs 042

I’m hoping to wear it to Newbury races at some point as neither Jam or I have ever been & I would love to get dressed up and go gaze at some beautiful horses. My final purchase also stays with the equine theme:

markets & fairs 044

A riding related scarf, I didn’t notice till I got it home it actually relates specifically to the races at Newmarket.

markets & fairs 045

I just love all the horsey details. And so that’s it (and probably it for fairs for a few months, none for ages then they all come at once). Lou Lou’s vintage fairs are still travelling and you can find out if they are visiting a venue near you by checking out their facebook page.

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