Wychwood forest fair

Wychwood 039

Today was the nicest day we have had for ages, which made our trip to the Wychwood forest fair even better! There were a myriad of delights but the main thing that lured us there was our favourite puppetry company Hand to Mouth theatre

Wychwood 010

were performing the most excellent Piggery Jokery, so clearly we had to go and see the farmer and piggy:

Wychwood 035

and all the rest of the colourful characters that make up the show:

Wychwood 026

The spirit of spring

Wychwood 014

The chimey twins and of course the theatre himself,

Wychwood 025

After the show finished we headed off to explore the stalls. There were two tents full of crafts, lots of food stalls, a bar. ferret racing and lots of charities and conservation organisations as well, including our friend Chris Mason from the Cherwell Swift Project.

Wychwood 050

After having a quick chat with Chris we explored the other side of the field where there were live displays going on including woodworking, ironmongery, carving spoons and carving with lathes

Wychwood 046

and my personal favourite the Oxford Guild of Spinners, dyers and weavers (who I think you’ll agree had a very beautiful sign)

Wychwood 043

The guild were letting members of the public have a go at spinning

Wychwood 042

and I was duely roped in. I had to confess that I had spun before and even have my own spinning wheel, (although with the house redecoration it is up in the loft to keep it safe), the lady told me it was no good in the loft (she’s right) and I should get it down as I had good basics and all I need is practice. I remain however ridiculously proud of the single I did under her supervision:

Wychwood 070

There were some really beautiful scarves on display which had been created with natural dyes (I’ve never done any natural dying apart from some very basic stuff at school & its an area I’d really like to learn more about)

Wychwood 044

Wychwood 045

After being dragged away from the spinning stall clutching a leaflet Jam and I had time to admire some beautiful birds of prey

Wychwood 005

Wychwood 064

Wychwood 003

Watch some morris dancing

Wychwood 048

And Jam and I had a go at some Archery

Wychwood 052

Before it was time to head for home, we had a fantastic day and it was great to support such a fantastic cause.

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