Endeavouring to please

Magicians & Endevour 088Yesterday Zoe and I headed to Oxford to see an exhibition being hosted by the Bodleian called Magical Books. At the heart of the exhibition were the original maps from middle earth, Narnia and Lyra’s Oxford.

Magic booksThey also had a version of the alethiometer but alas no photos were allowed so you’ll have to visit it yourself, its open till the 27th October. As the title of this post hints that was not all we got up to… We stumbled across the filming of Endeavour (a young Morse), first we weren’t sure what they were filming,  there were old fashioned policemen.

Magicians & Endevour 057Then the old fashioned float.

Magicians & Endevour 016Horses

Magicians & Endevour 064A penny farthing

Magicians & Endevour 065and after a bit of searching the man himself.

Magicians & Endevour 060Zoe thinks he is a bit of a dish, so she wasn’t leaving till they had a photo together.

Magicians & Endevour 062I think it may be love. After all that excitement a cup of tea was in order. We headed to the vaults

Magicians & Endevour 067

Magicians & Endevour 068just across the road from the camera.

Magicians & Endevour 087An excellent day

Magicians & Endevour 084Magicians & Endevour 086

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