Hannah’s exhibition at the lightbox

The farm 006

This weekend we headed off to Woking to visit Auntie Adrienne & uncle Alan. Although we didn’t get chance to see my cousin Hannah (cause she was at work) auntie Adrienne suggested we go and see some of Hannah’s coursework which is currently on display at the Lightbox gallery (just a stones throw from the WWF headquarters)

The farm 002

There were some fantastic sculptures on the ground floor

The farm 007

But we headed up the stairs (under the dangly hands) to the first floor gallery

The farm 011

All the work you are about to see was submitted as coursework & I think you will agree its stunning.

The farm 023

First up was a wall of paintings:

The farm 013

The farm 014

The farm 015

The farm 016

The farm 017

The farm 018

The farm 021

In the back of the gallery were some models for a themed Coca Cola bar that the students had to design using 3D modelling and then make using found materials (the decking is lollypop sticks), make (the wood parts were hand sawn) and 3D printing (the stairs, canopies and seating) . Here’s Hannah’s – I think we can agree that even if you are not fortunate enough to be related to her she has a flair for design!

The farm 020

Then it was back past the floating hands (which some people couldn’t resist blowing) to see the textile exhibition.

The farm 025

One of Hannah’s pieces was on the landing, the roses for this dress she had to make in a set exam time under exam conditions, I think we can agree it was worth it.

The farm 032

The farm 033

The farm 035

There were also some great dresses inside the gallery:

The farm 038

The farm 041

The farm 042

The farm 043

The farm 044

The farm 046

And a final silk dyed dress of Hannah’s as well as some accessories and sketchbooks.

The farm 037

The farm 039

The farm 049

Just when I thought my brain was full to bursting we found this intricate paper dress hung in one of the windows.

The farm 050

The farm 053

And after seeing all that it was time to wave our goodbyes to the lightbox and the family and return to Oxfordshire.

The farm 029