A lace class

lace and glass 008

Fantastic Morris Stitch markers a present from Fi, the bells actually jingle!

So you may remember a couple of weeks ago I attended a sock workshop at Oxford Yarn Store, it was to finally convince myself I can do socks and it was great to knit with a tutor who could pick up anything I was doing wrong or unintentionally making more difficult for myself. I signed up for the lace course for pretty much the same reason, I understood the charts but somehow my lace would always turn out a bit less than satisfactory & frogging was the natural end to most of it. I’m so glad I decided a lace class was a good idea, first off we had the same fantastic, patient tutor James

lace and glass 003

The other ladies on my class were lovely

lace and glass 025

lace and glass 004

lace and glass 005

lace and glass 026

The tea flowed and so did the lace. First up I had to pick my colours, tough choice.

lace and glass 010


First up lace in the middle of a row, formed by manipulating the stitches

lace and glass 011

Simple but effective. Then came out the charts (with obligatory post it notes to mark which row I was up) to and we had a go at some diamond patterns.

lace and glass 023

lace and glass 014

The knitter sat opposite me was knitting much faster & actually seemed to be knitting backwards! Amazing to watch:

lace and glass 018

And some very pretty samples

lace and glass 012

I left with some very pretty Italian laceweight yarn (possibly destined for a wedding shawl) and a wave and fan scarf pattern from the class that I hope will work perfectly with some yarn from my stash. Obviously after all that hard work myself and the lace samples deserved to unwind with a nice glass of vino

lace and glass 032

Thank you Oxford Yarn store I’m sure I’ll be back soon

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