To mermaid or not to mermaid

MermaidIt is not a very commonly known fact outside my group of fellow writers (we call ourselves the Booklings) that I am writing a novel which contains mermaids. We are also currently having our bathroom redone and I wanted to make a piece of art to go in it. As my current mania is very much stained glass I thought I would make something beautiful and useful by doing a stained glass framed mirror but as its for the bathroom with a mermaid theme. After my last glass class I started looking around for mermaid inspiration and found these designs.

side mer

Mer with fish

Blue mer

2 mer

Hog mer

My favourite of all the images I found was probably this one:

fave mer

There was also a different colourway that I found pics of

mermaid-and-lotus other colour

I bought the book with this pattern (& lots of others) in (the fabulous Maidens, Myths and Mermaids and one other pattern really caught my eye:

OUP mermaids 019

I really like the idea of having a mermaid sat on a rock in the right hand foreground (with lots of browny/bluey pebbles forming the edge of the frame) with the other mermaid swimming up to the surface on the left hand side. My next few days in the workshop are in a couple of weeks so I need to decide whether to start this monster (& if so I need to draw it out to scale about now) or whether to do another self contained panel (which I could probably finish) or make some suncatchers to sell. Decisions. Here are a few more non mermaid glass inspirations that have caught my eye.






More leaves


You can find my glass inspiration board on pintrest here


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