Taking great photos at Oxgrow


One of the fantastic things about living in Oxfordshire is all the fab events that you can attend. I spotted the above flyer in the newsletter for Oxgrow a local edible community garden (you can find out more about them here). The photography workshop really appealed to me as since buying a second hand DSLR last year I haven’t had that many opportunities to play about with it. So I signed up and went along.

photography pointers

The workshop was hosted by Peter Lefort who took us through some basic rules of photography such as the rule of thirds and looking for symetry in the natural subjects we would be taking photos of. After giving us time to take some practice shots around the garden we had to pick and take one shot to share with the group. These were my tests:

seedheads & wheelbarrow


red and white onions


I was really pleased with how the colour of the onions came out so decided to take my final shot using a string of hanging onions & garlic (I loved the tendrils hanging down from these) with the backdrop of one of the polytunnels (which provided a nice contrast in both colour and texture).

string of onions

There was just enough time to review everyones shots before the light faded and we had to call it a day.


A massive thank you to Oxgrow for hosting, my fellow participants for sharing their images with me and of course Peter for putting on such a fab workshop.

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