Green & gorgeous (flower farm) and sculptural setting (Bothy Vineyard) with Sian

dresser & flowers 005

I first met Sian when I was running late for work one day, the reason I was late is that I had forgotten some houseplants I had promised one of my colleagues and so had run back to get them and ended up on a later bus than usual. Although this in the short term was a very bad thing in the long term it has proved to be most excellent as I met and got chatting to Sian who shares my love of growing things and doing exciting things in her spare time. A plan was quickly hatched to do some gardening related exciting things during a weekend and so we found ourselves at Green & Gorgeous a beautiful flower farm just outside Wallingford. There were so many beautiful blooms!

dresser & flowers 006

dresser & flowers 008

dresser & flowers 009

Alliums nearly as tall as Sian!

dresser & flowers 010

dresser & flowers 011

Sweet peas reaching for the heavens

dresser & flowers 018

and pinks

dresser & flowers 021

Vast carpets of colour

dresser & flowers 023

After looking round the beds it was time to be unleashed in the shop where they also did a very good line in succulents (it seems they had word of my weaknesses…)

dresser & flowers 029

Sian and I both ended up with an armful:

vikki with flowers

(somehow a succulent slipped in there, oops)

sian and bouquet

It was time for a quick pitstop at home (to get the flowers in a vase) before setting off to see the sculptures in Bothy Vineyard

dresser & flowers 030

The vineyard was stuffed full of amazing sculptures (I thought Sian should have bought this one for her mum who keeps sheep in Wales). There were fabulous fish:

dresser & flowers 031

dresser & flowers 032

dresser & flowers 033

Freaky faces

dresser & flowers 039

fetching faces (would have gladly given this garden room)

dresser & flowers 043


dresser & flowers 044

Metal men

dresser & flowers 045

This amazing horse made out of metal

dresser & flowers 047

Which I LOVED and there were some wolves to match

dresser & flowers 050


dresser & flowers 052

They were definitely one of my favourites but I also loved the smooth & tactile sculptures like this bird

dresser & flowers 053

And this amazing Turquoise goddess (if I had the money I would have bought her she was exquisite)

dresser & flowers 056

And aptly positioned right by where the grapes were taking form

dresser & flowers 049

And near the other maidens

dresser & flowers 057

dresser & flowers 059

Meanwhile down on the ground there was some animal magic happening

dresser & flowers 058

dresser & flowers 060

dresser & flowers 061

And some plant forms hidden in the borders

dresser & flowers 063

dresser & flowers 064

dresser & flowers 065

dresser & flowers 067

And so after looking at all the amazing sculptures and enjoying some very fine tea and cake in the Vineyard we set off home with minds and stomachs full!

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