Harcourt arboretum

Arbouretum 048During the day of all Hallows eve myself and Friend Sian

Arbouretum 009

took our ‘proper cameras’ (the ones you have to manually fiddle with before you take the shot) to Harcourt Arboretum to visit the trees and hopefully catch a bit of the magic of the season on film. These are the results:

Arbouretum 099

Arbouretum 043

Arbouretum 035

Arbouretum 039

Arbouretum 034

Arbouretum 033

Arbouretum 092

Arbouretum 021

Arbouretum 083

Arbouretum 025

Arbouretum 074

Arbouretum 032

Arbouretum 104

Arbouretum 019

As you can see the Acers stole the show but there were also some very beautiful Peacocks

Arbouretum 129

Arbouretum 138

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