Glorious Glastonbury!

Glastonbury 019

This weekend we finally made it on our very delayed trip to Glastonbury for my birthday. We drove down on Friday night after work & stayed in really lovely B&B The Pilgrims.

Glastonbury 004

The room was really good value & also included a fab breakfast the next morning, not to mention the most excellent Halloween attire, Witch in the flowerbeds anyone?

Glastonbury 002

After breakfast we headed out to explore Glastonbury, first on the agenda was climbing the Tor (the weather looked overcast & rain was forecast for later in the day, so we thought we should do it sooner rather than later!).

Glastonbury 055

The Tor looked amazing against the overcast sky:

Glastonbury 015

And up we went.

Glastonbury 016

Glastonbury 021

Until we reached the summit:

Glastonbury 027

Glastonbury 031

Jam was very inspired by the beautiful crows that circled the tower,

Glastonbury 041

and the view was more than worth the climb

Glastonbury 017

Glastonbury 018

We just had time for one last look over the land before going down.

Glastonbury 052

Near the bottom of the Tor was Chalice Well so we stopped in for a look around on our way back to explore the gardens, taste the water and see the famous well:

Glastonbury 062

Glastonbury 070

Angels watched over us:

Glastonbury 061 and there was a very special tree to visit and a lion fountain to drink from.

Glastonbury 073

Glastonbury 074

Before we followed the water…

Glastonbury 075

down to the bathing pool (when in Rome…)

Glastonbury 078

(only my feet went in, it was VERY cold 🙂 ).

From Chalice well we walked back into town (passing some very Glastonian sites on the way).

Glastonbury 082

Glastonbury 005

Glastonbury 012

Glastonbury 014

To meet up with Auntie Sandy and Chris for a coffee.  We decided we would explore the crystal shops on our own and meet later in The George and Pilgrim to watch the Zombie walk (there was a Fairy Ball going on that night too, gotta love Glasto). I finally paid an in person visit The Crystal Man (he was lovely and had so many beautiful things) but I managed to limit myself to this beautiful moongazing Smoky Obsidian hare

Glastonbury 119

and picked up a couple of other crystals, a fascinator and a few bit and bobs from the other shops. With a bag full of Glasto swag it was time to meet up with Auntie Sandy and Chris:

Glastonbury 089

Glastonbury 091

I was pretty glad we were behind the (very lovely) stained glass in the pub,

Glastonbury 094

as some of the zombie’s were pretty scary! (Although the glass didn’t save us for long, it seems Zombie’s are also partial to a pint…)

Glastonbury 095 For our final treat of the weekend we headed to the Who’d a thought it for dinner,

Glastonbury 112

and a pretty tearful farewell to Glastonbury & some of my favourite people.

Glastonbury 111

Glastonbury 110

Glastonbury 103

Glastonbury 104

We’ll definitely be back soon.

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