Weekend efforts

John mason glass 017

This weekend I had booked onto a weekend workshop to start my first ever commission! You may recognise the design as its the same as a panel I did last year, the brief however was to change the colours to purples & pinks.

John mason glass 026

I originally considered using the pink that I’d used for my mermaid body (she’s coming on well but still lots more water & one more fish to lead).

cable knitting 013

but was worried it would be too pale to hold its own against the purple and the frosted glass I had chosen for the background. The answer however came from the fuchsia of the fish, I decided to use that as a border to pick up the purple and found a stronger pink that would fit with that. I managed to get both dragonflies soldered

John mason glass 029

but because I was a bit under he weather didn’t get to do much leading (only the border). Will be finishing the mermaid first¬†& then my focus will switch back to the dragonfles. While I was fiddling with colours the rest of the class were cracking on with copper foil:

John mason glass 025

John mason glass 018

John mason glass 033

John mason glass 027

And lead:

John mason glass 020

This piece as you might be able to tell was a restoration but almost every piece within it was painted, it was stunning and one of a pair (ohh beautiful thing).

John mason glass 036

John mason glass 044

The below didn’t actually reach leading stage but it was all in the preparation (each piece/diamond had to be exactly the same before leading, it will look amazing when its done).

John mason glass 038

And because there is no rest for the wicked I had my usual Monday class as well (love the Monday group, they are brilliant!).

John mason glass 009

Spike fiddling with tiny copper foil:

John mason glass 011

cable knitting 024

Angela’s experimental copper foil light

cable knitting 019

Finished flower light fitting.

cable knitting 014

cable knitting 018

cable knitting 012

Hectic week at work then its glass painting time again (its all go around here at the mo!).

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