Galloping off to the White Horse

White Horse & piggy 008

This weekend we went to visit Jam’s dad and stepmum in their new home in Wiltshire. they have two adorable dogs (both westies) Lilly

White Horse & piggy 003

And CassieWhite Horse & piggy 004

Once we had made a fuss of the dogs and cheered Oxford to victory watching the boat race coverage on the beeb it was decided a quick drive to see the white horse up close was called for. Here are the jolly party bracing the winds (it was really quite blustery indeed up there)

White Horse & piggy 006

But the views were well worth the inhospitable weather.

White Horse & piggy 013 White Horse & piggy 014

The Wiltshire (or Westbury which is actually where its situated) horse is made out of concrete rather than the chalk its Oxfordshire cousin the Uffington Horse is filled in with. We managed to get right over the top of it so here is a close up, the black bit you can see is its eye, although as Jam’s dad noted its more effective if you are stood far away and you can see the outline for miles (very useful for navigating by as well).

White Horse & piggy 010

Goodbye horse of the hill, no doubt we shall see you again soon.

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