Journey to the V&A

V and A 013

This weekend we headed to London to catch up with Alex and Victoria.

V and A 137

First up we toured the many wonders of the Victoria and Albert Museum.V and A 011

The above (and pic at the top of this post) were two beautiful but very unusual chandeliers positioned in the entryway to the museum itself.

V and A 028

V and A 026

V and A 024

V and A 021

Alex and glass

V and A 022

We had some fun in the medieval section before seeking out the theatre and fashion collections. First up in theatre I gasped in delight as we turned the corner to view a full size Joey puppet from the stage musical War Horse (you may remeber I’m currently participating in the puppet challenge, Joey was a work on a very different scale and was mesmerising to look at). There is more info on how he was made on the Warhorse website here. From my observation the main body seemed to be overlaid by bent cain with wicker filling in the gaps between (they had a film showing him in action on the stage and due to some very skillful manipulation he really did look just like a real horse).

V and A 034

V and A 035

There were also some really lovely costumes

V and A 039

V and A 046V and A 050

V and A 055

V and A 056

V and A 060

With some more modern gems displayed alongside

V and A 059

The costumes from the West end performance of the Lion King (with added Jam)

V and A 043

surely needing not much introduction, Adam Ant – Prince Charming

Speaking of which there was also the chance to try some dressing up yourself (had to be done even though the pirate jacket I took a fancy to was WAAAAYYY too big).


Pirate Pic The final wonders of the theatre section were some beautiful small scale set plans (the one here is from a ballet performance of Swan Lake)

V and A 069 And the puppet section.

V and A 072

V and A 073

V and A 075

V and A 081

You would have thought that was enough culture for one day and indeed I confess we had pretty much reached breaking point. A cup of reviving tea was needed, after we had tea we went to leave but unfortunately I spotted the fashion collection which I seem to have missed on all previous visits. It would have been criminal not to have a look…

V and A 104V and A 106V and A 117V and A 115V and A 121V and A 123V and A 125V and A 127

V and A 130V and A 131The final dress in the collection had to be one of my favourites, you could dust the floor, walls and clear guests from rooms by wearing it.

V and A 132Fabulous. After the V&A there was just time to grab a bite in Yo Sushi

V and A 146 SushiAnd for a most delicious Champagne cocktail.

V and A 148

Thanks for a brilliant day out & lovely to see you both Alex & Victoria!