It’s a kind of Magic

Magicians & Endevour 077Last night I took Jam to the New Theatre to see The Illusionists, a collection of seven magicians who tour together.

Magicians & Endevour 013The show started with the escape expert (who was suspended upside down from the ceiling in a straight jacket, obviously) escaping.

Magicians & Endevour 028

Before a full size steam train appeared on on the stage.

Magicians & Endevour 029Magicians & Endevour 032There were plenty of other amazing acts (one in which they ‘built’ a toy Charlie Chaplin in a box passed a hand over him and he came to life!). Sadly my camera was too slow to capture that.

Magicians & Endevour 034

And this round metal bin into which lady magician The Enchantress got into and was stabbed by the many pronged swords which were by that time on fire (fortunately she had already disappeared by that point). Escaping chap closed the first half by doing an escape a la Houdini:

Magicians & Endevour 037Magicians & Endevour 038Magicians & Endevour 042Magicians & Endevour 045Magicians & Endevour 051*spoiler, he got out*

Magicians & Endevour 054

Very good, my favourite magician was a chap called Dan Sperry, he did some pretty disturbing stuff with dental floss (you’ll have to google it) but my favourite bit was his dove act, a taster of which can be found here

Dan Sperry Magic Doves

The show was closed by The Inventor making it snow, awww.

Magicians & Endevour 070

Go and see the Illusionists, for close up live magic they are neigh unbeatable.

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