Bath for the weekend

Bath & James 056

So this weekend we visited Wiltshire to see Jam’s Dad and stepmum, but as you can see from the above photo we didn’t stay in Wiltshire for long! We headed to beautiful bath to check out the Christmas market there.

Bath & James 042

As you may be able to tell it was VERY BUSY but there were choirs singing and shoppers were mostly entering into the festive spirit, we followed the sheds round the city & I found a fantastic glass stall from which I was very tempted to buy a bauble, however unfortunately for them I had already blown my one bauble per year budget on this little baby (also in glass)

Bath & James 029

Bath & James 028

Anyway back to Bath, although it was busy the scenery more than made up for the fact you had to fight your way to the stalls:

Bath & James 040

Bath & James 043

Bath & James 045

We saw real horses

Bath & James 050

And fairground horses

Bath & James 046

As well as a rather fantastic fairground chicken (more on our new arrivals later on in this post).

Bath & James 048

After all that walking it was time for some lunch, this is Jam’s dad dish as it came with edible veg carved as flowers!

Bath & James 052

There was also a rather beautiful dragon gliding from the celing

Bath & James 053

There was just time for us to say goodbye to the Christmas tree

Bath & James 038

Bath & James 039

Before heading back to Westbury. When we got back we just about saw the horse in daylight before hopping back in the car to Oxfordshire.

Bath & James 060

And in Oxfordshire awaited 2 cats ready for feeding and chickens Helena and Myrtle

Bath & James 012

And McGonagal (shown) and Hermione

Bath & James 009

(you can see the white down feathers are starting to come through, and as I found out at the weekend they have also been laying but hiding their eggs on the coop floor, they have also worked out when to get into the coop to beat the sunlight sensitive door closer, clever girls!)

Bath & James 006

As well as beautiful Esne, nice to go and see other places but also nice to be home 🙂

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