Duotone at the North Wall arts centre

So this weekend Jam and I were lucky enough to go and see My friend Barney and his partner in musical crime James perform as their musical duo Duotone (blog here , myspace here). The gig was to promote the new album Ropes an was held at the North Wall Arts Centre in Oxford (great venue but I always forget how far away it is from the centre of Oxford, natually we ended up running to make it). Fantastically there were also a host of other very talented performers appearing with them, including Wod ,

aerial artist Nomi McLeod (blog here),

 Colin Fletcher and Jane Griffith
and the whole evening was compared by master poet Alan Buckley (who also found time to read some of his own poetry despite having a horrid cold).
Stupidly I forgot my camera which is actually less bad than you’d imagine as I couldn’t have used the flash anyway and phptographer Kate Raworth was there taking much better photos than I ever could (all images used here are copyright Kate Raworth you can check out the rest of the set here). It was a truely magical evening and I now have a copy of  Ropes which as you can imagine is very very good and you can purchase here. Hurrah for local gigs and artists!

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