Grey October Day

Just a quick post a photo of me has recently been used as a cover for a single. The single is called Grey October Day and is by Judy Dyble. More info on Judy and her beautiful music can be found here and you can pre order all 4 versions of the single (released on the 31st October, all versions of which are very very good) here. I was thrilled when Judy asked if she could use the image (taken at Lisa’s wedding by the very talented Mel Cunningham, I was having a quiet moment and just daydreaming out of the window as usual) for the cover and it’s even more special to see the finished thing!

2 thoughts on “Grey October Day

  • Ooo how lovely – look at your fabulous pins! You should get a copy of the single and frame it, and then when you have cocktail parties you can hover nearby and smile alluringly. You could possibly have a neon sign that flashes 'this is me!'. It will look marvellous.

    Will bookmark those links and check out her music. 🙂

  • Aww hanks sweetie, sadly its not getting a 'physical' release but its ghost shall forever haunt i tunes, which lets face it tis good enough for me 🙂

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