Blowzabella & tune writing

Jam and I attended a Blowzabella gig tonight, as usual there was much dancing and the music was great. As well as getting the chance to have a really good dance I also managed to pick up a copy of the tune book I haven’t got and get it signed (be still my beating heart, this will take pride of place on my music stand!).

I’ve since found out there is to be a Blowzabella day next year in April, with dancing and playing workshops and also a competition for original compositions. The winner gets their tune recorded by the band!!! I think I may have to get scribbling (its really special to have my stuff played by Writings but by my favourite folk band that would really be something!). I have a feeling the standard of entries will be quite high, here is Andy Cutting (box player for the band) playing a composition by their hurdy gurdy player (and possibly man with the best name ever) Gregory Joliever.

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