My Jammy lies over the ocean, my Jammy lies over the sea…

So this morning at some un-godly hour Jam left for France for an entire week of being manly and chopping wood with his dad in the depths of the French countryside (Sacrebleu!). Unfortunately as it is the actual depths they do not get internet access (booo) which means I’m on reduced rations of one very expensive text per day. You would have thought being me I’d have a detailed plan of stuff to do to fill the time, but alas with the impending exam I seem to be doing a lot of staring at music theory books and trying to aviod most serious revision. All is not lost however as on Sunday I’ve arranged to go to one of the very special Oxford coffee concerts with a friend to see the Carducci String Quartet (plus by Sunday my exam will be over and it will be a mere 4 days till Jam gets back). What about you my lovelies? What are you up to this weekend?

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