DIY garterment

Beginned 045As well as our homemade wedding present (which I will blog about soon) I decided to make something a little more personal for Maddie. There was no subtle way of getting a leg measurement other than asking if I could take one, I made sure this was a couple of months ago over some wine so there was sufficient time for Mad’s to forget!

Beginned 042

I had originally thought I would feed elastic though some light blue ribbon and then attach further lace to that, but at pretty much the 11th hour I found lace with elastic already within it. This was a perfect base so I attached some softer larger lace behind it on both sides (if you are wearing it all day it has to be comfy) and then threaded a thinner blue ribbon through the elasticated lace. Making sure to leave enough slack so the elastic could still stretch. Final finishing touch a few ribbon roses and this cluster of three roses with pearls for the front.

Beginned 044

Hope she likes it! (and has been too busy with wedding prep to read this blog post) .

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