Doll making – The contruction

Ashmolean china 073This is the beginning of one of the dolls I’ve been asked to make by our friend Claire, it is one of a pair although it’s mate is a brown bunny (cut out, the pattern said fake fur but I thought that would be a nightmare so brown suede it is). This is my second attempt at her face, either I get the eyelashes wrong (too bold on one side not matched on the other) or she looks cross eyed (very hard to get the felt eyes even). Still the snooker is on for most of today so its a good chance to utilize the bank holiday and get these guys finished.

Shoes & cake 011Shoes & cake 012

Both the basic patterns were adapted from this book (although if I was making them again I’d probably redraft so there was no separate head gusset as I found that a bit of a faff).

Shoes & cake 013My main challenge for the boy (who was a rabbit but based on a teddy bear pattern) was to get his ears right.

Ashmolean china 072

Hopefully this is the one.

I’ve just finished the dolls! Now to move on to dressing them (my favourite bit but takes almost as long as making them) & I seem to have gained an assistant…

Brian & biking 065You not make the toys, I do it



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