Birthday be-gin-ment

BeginnedSo today was my birthday, I wasn’t initially sure what to do as it was a bit of a significant one but when Maddie told me about The Feathers, a hotel in Woodstock who have many, many gins (174 when we were there I’m told there will be 185 by next weekend)
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I thought we may well have the start of a plan! Jam surprised me by taking me, his mum and her boyfriend for lunch before the gin.
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The food was fantastic and there was also this very nifty teacup sculpture (and later this very cool painting) to keep us entertained (we checked the cups were definitely glued).
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Then it was on to the gin. I started off with my old favourite Hendricks and then moved onto a very delicious pink gin.
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Whilst James and Maddie preferred the Saffron gin (looked yellow as you would expect, but I found it too bitter).
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All in all a very enjoyable day and I had loads of fab presents too (this year Jam bought me birthday Lillies but I’d already bought some bulbs so double Lilly action).
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What a lucky girl! 
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