More painting on glass

This weekend I returned to Ardington to do another glass painting workshop with the lovely Nicola Kantorowicz. I had a very specific project in mind ever since I got involved with the Oxford Moth Project  earlier this year I’ve been pretty fascinated by all the different colours and patterns of moths. While looking through my Read more about More painting on glass[…]

And they are back from the kiln

You may remember a couple of weeks ago I went on my first ever glass painting course. Our awesome tutor gave us the opportunity to try some test pieces as well as producing a main panel. As the test pieces were done on the second day they had to go home with Nicola to be fired, but Read more about And they are back from the kiln[…]

First attempt at painted glass

If you are a regular reader of this blog you may remember a few weeks ago I took a day off work and went to see Tamsin Abbott talk about her painted glass. Well this weekend it was my turn to give glass painting a go with glass artist Nicola Kantorowicz at the wonderful Ardington School Read more about First attempt at painted glass[…]

Christmas Stained glass

I took Friday off work and headed to the fantastic Ardington School of Crafts for Christmas copper foil. We were given a selection of patterns but the angel you see above was based on some inspiration on my glass Pintrest board. The Christmas trees were more of a traditional design but I decided to switch Read more about Christmas Stained glass[…]

Second stained glass class

This weekend I completed my second stained glass class under the expert tutorage of Sarah Glover. Before going to the class I was unsure what I wanted to make, at my first class I was convinced that I wanted to do an owl but this time I was torn between a mythical dragon (I blame Read more about Second stained glass class[…]

Not rushing – recaining a chair

A few months ago Jam’s dad gave me this beautiful corner chair, the seat was broken and he thought I’d enjoy the challenge of fixing it. It’s been say in the spare room for a couple of months till I realised the most wonderful Ardington School of craft had a re-caining course. A place was Read more about Not rushing – recaining a chair[…]