And they are back from the kiln

Nicole & sam wedding 007

You may remember a couple of weeks ago I went on my first ever glass painting course. Our awesome tutor gave us the opportunity to try some test pieces as well as producing a main panel. As the test pieces were done on the second day they had to go home with Nicola to be fired, but this week we got the call to say that they were ready for collection. The piece above is definitely my favourite (I’m calling it waggle dance and have some thin lead from Sarah to put around it so it can be hung). This set of 4 sea creatures also came out pretty well & will be mounted with lead to form a mini suncatcher which will probably go and live with mum and dad (as they are beside the sea)

Nicole & sam wedding 010

Nicole & sam wedding 011

Nicole & sam wedding 012

The below was my attempt at a phoenix (I saw the piece of glass & that’s what came to mind) but I think I should have added more detail to the flame (you live and learn)

Nicole & sam wedding 013

My chicken piece turned out well although I maybe should have enlarged the chickens as if I mount this with lead their legs will be cut off

Nicole & sam wedding 015

Finally the piece I am most disappointed with, on finding the glass I knew it would be perfect for (what are starting to become a bit of a trademark of mine) dragonflies. I was basing these particular ones on a scarf I own but I think they are just too pointy, might be able to cut a couple of them out and use in something though & I know to take out any sharp corners next time around.

Nicole & sam wedding 014

And I finally managed to get a good picture of my finished panel

Nicole & sam wedding 016

Definitely some lessons to learn going forward but not bad for a first attempt

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