A first for the arucana babies

My little Arucana babies are growing up. I went to clean them out at the weekend and to my surprise (as we didn’t think they would start laying till next year) this awaited me.

I think its from Carmen as she seems to have gained a red wattle above her beak where there others are still pink. I got another yesterday as well but nothing this morning, perhaps she is having a day off? They are much smaller than the eggs from the ex-batts

 but the Arucanas are a lot smaller birds at the moment. Still they seem to be holding their own in the egg cabinet!

In other news it’s (finally) my stained glass course tomorrow & Thursday, this was my birthday present from mum & dad & I’m really looking forward to it. I’m hoping to do a variation on this design

 which I found in my research (I really like that it has simple shapes but represents the owl so well). Better get some sleep an exciting day tomorrow!

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