Halloween/Samhein eve

There were plans, big plans to host a party of our own this year (you can find details of last years halloween party here), the universe it seems had other plans, arranging my next exam for Wednesday and a friends wedding this weekend. So Jam, the witchcat and I had our own small¬†celebration of sorts (I’ll be doing my own samhein ritual as usual tonight as well). There was of course a pumpkin, skillfully carved by Jam who expects me to believe he has never done this before (?!?), there was cake, bought in from the local shop and arranged artfully on my new cobwebby cake stand, a haunted house bought by a neighbour who knows exactly how much I love this time of year and dancing. I was also persuaded to don my fancy dress outfit of choice for some lovely new photos of me and my favourite/only familar. What a cutie pie. Happy Samhein!

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