Abingdon Crafts for Christmas Fair

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I took Friday off to have a good look round Abingdon Crafts for Christmas. I go every year but this year I knew that Vikki Lafford (now Vikki Lafford Garside) and her amazing machine embroidery creations would be there. I had to find her! I first came across Vikki’s work in the Cornerstone in Didcot, we were early for the film Maleficent and so went in to look around the exhibits. When I saw this beautiful butterfly I knew he had to come home with me!

craft fair 021In the box he came in was a business card to Vikki’s website Lilia it blew me away there were lots more butterflies and also wedding dresses and jewellery as well! It didn’t take me long to find Vikki and her stall in the top gallery.

craft fair 008

Such treasures! I didn’t stand a chance of leaving empty handed and after much debate settled on this oak leaf necklace (with tiny stitched acorns)

craft fair 016

And very lifelike red admiral butterfly.

craft fair 017

I don’t think this will be the last butterfly I buy from Vikki somehow. If you fancy seeing her work yourself (and you really should) she’ll be exhibiting with lots of other talented makers at the Woodstock Christmas exhibition at the Oxfordshire Museum, 15 November till 3rd January. I finally managed to tear myself away from Vikki’s stall only to bump into Blockcraft.

craft fair 011

They sell an amazing range of wooden stamps and blank tea towels, bags, basically anything you’ve ever wanted to print. They have such a range of beautiful stamps its hard to stick to just one. Last year I bought a peacock while this year I went with a tea and bee theme.

craft fair 019

They were also selling some pre printed things, when I picked up the teacup block the lady on the stall picked this tea towel out as an example of the kind of print you can achieve. It reminded me instantly of the person I share my fantasy coffee shop with so its now wrapped up awaiting a Christmas delivery to her (there is also definitely a case here for expanding my collection of tea and cake themed stamps).

craft fair 018

There is also a rather dangerous website here.

My final amazing find of the day was glass related. Just as I was nearly safely out of the exit I stumbled across sublime glass artist Elizabeth Welch.

craft fair 014

craft fair 015

She creates the most wonderful creatures and bowls from glass (you can see the full range on her wetbsite here). There was however only one creature I had eyes for, her amazing dragons!

craft fair 024

This is Fallon, the medium dragon I had to bring home with me (he hangs from fishing wire and will eventually live over my desk once its been moved out of the realm of cats). The detail on him is incredible, from his wings

craft fair 027

Right down to his eyes (which Elizabeth makes separately with a tool she designed herself).

craft fair 026

So expressive! Elizabeth also teaches flame working and although I’m trying to be good and stick to getting good at a few hobbies I am sorely tempted to start saving so I can go and visit her in Surrey. Further details about her classes and everything she makes can be found on her website. Thank you Abingdon Craft fair, I met some fabulous crafters and bought some beautiful things. Same time next year?

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