Abingdon Craft fair

Bleinheim 046This weekend excitingly is my weekend of French tunes and dance with Blowzabella, unfortunately it was also the weekend the spring craft fair came to Abingdon, so I decided to take the Friday off and head along to see what was for sale. It came as quite a surprise when on arriving outside the tent there were lots of birds of prey there! The chap who was with them runs a local rescue and was trying to drum up visitors and funds. He had all sorts of birds with him, a dinky little owl, a barn owl and then this beautiful creature.

Bleinheim 048She is called Daisy and she is a European Eagle owl. The chap spotted me looking adoringly at her and asked if I wanted to hold her, I made some affirmative sound and after donning a very large glove she stepped onto my hand, my goodness she was heavy and I dared hardly breathe for fear of upsetting her, she seemed perfectly content however and stayed for a couple of minutes which totally made my day! Inside the craft fair there were lots of lovely things, I nearly gave into a purple cardigan but it was somewhat game over when I spotted this scarf.

Bleinheim 069 Its woven silk and the threads just glow the only way silk can, its beautiful and pashmina size so good as a scarf and wrap (although I haven’t had the occasion to wear it out yet. I also bought a Cornish slate heart (no pic as its a present for someone who reads this blog) and there were some great handmade velvet coats with sew in ruffles (think like layers of fake skirt, they were very Helena Bonham-Carter but sadly out of my price range. Another very exciting craft fair, I shall look forward to the next one in the autumn!

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