Giddy stratospheres

So this evening myself and my friend Bex paid a visit to Abingdon fair. We were mostly there to win toys for her nephews & nieces (I had a go at playing darts to win Jam a toy fox too but the less said about that the better).

Bex was a little late so I decided to indulge myself and have a go on the Carousel horses (they’ve always been my favourite ride).

this was my noble steed

and it had a proper organ and everything

they are locally based so I might be popping into see them

as I’ve just borrowed this from the wood school library

Its written by a man who gave up his proper job, rented a shop and started teaching people to make their own carousel animals! The drawings inside are really fantastic and inspirational. I definitely want to have a go at some point (I’ve always been fascinated by carousels ever since I was little, mum & dad bought me a toy one, I think made by matchbox, but sadly its only got about 6 horses on it, but how much better would it be to have a lifesize carousel horse!) There are lots of plans inside, I had never realised there were different types of horse

This one is designed to look like its jumping as is this one

Whereas this one is in more of a standing position.

I prefer the jumping ones I think, but the angle of the leg probably makes them slightly more difficult. Its not just horses in the book either. How great would it be to have a mystic hare on your carousel?

There are also plenty of photos of the finished objects, here is a completed horse isn’t it lovely?

They are fantastic & I’ll definitely have a go at one (or maybe more) at some point even if I wuss out of making it full size, anyway that isn’t likely to be any time soon, last week Brian was helping me get a particularly troublesome corner off the love spoon I’m carving for Jam (the love spoon that is nearly finished I might add) when this happened

Now is not the time for panic, now is the time for glue…

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