Making felty squirrels

Felted squirrell 032So we are back in Oxford! I was lucky enough not to go straight back to work but go on a needle felting course with the lovely (& fantastically talented) Gretel from Middle of Nowhere at the Queen’s head pub in Eynsham.

Felted squirrell 024We were all due to make a squirrel but the first task was to pick our colour of roving.

Felted squirrell 034I picked this lovely rusty orange, and then the pricking began, first of all we had to form the body.

Felted squirrell 003

Rowena gets stuck in stabbing

Felted squirrell 006

Tracey’s half stabbed squirrel

Felted squirrell 012

Tracey stabbing away

Once we had a body

Felted squirrell 008It was time to make the tail.

Felted squirrell 010Which we did by rolling up the roving and sculpting it onto itself and then joining the tail onto the body.

Felted squirrell 019Once the tail was on we were rewarded with lunch, which was Samon en croute with lemon mayonnaise, potatoes and sugar snap peas.

Felted squirrell 017And for dessert we had sticky toffee pudding with ice cream 🙂

Felted squirrell 018Yum yum yum, full of pudding we carried on stabbing till it was time to add the paws. First the bottom paws on which she stands.

Felted squirrell 021Then the top paws. I chose to do mine slightly bigger than Gretel’s design.Then it was time for scones!!!

Felted squirrell 025After scones it was ear and eye time (Gretel said this is the point they really start to get their own characters and she was definitely right). I decided to deviate from the orginal design again here with triangle ears (the making of which caused me many stabs in the thumb, I think they were worth it though).

Felted squirrell 026

Felted squirrell 022

Rowena’s squirrel gets his ears

Once both ears were on and lined up it was time for the eyes. We put pins in first to make sure we had the position right, then we joined the eyes to the side of the head with thread.

Felted squirrell 027There was lots more stabbing to be done to get a smooth enough finish to add the white belly, I haven’t quite got the right finish yet so I’ll add my white at a later point but here are Gretel’s fantastic finished examples.

Felted squirrell 009

And she brought some other fantastic animals to show us as well.

Felted squirrell 013Moongazing hare

Felted squirrell 014Fantastic fox

Felted squirrell 016Magical mushrooms

Felted squirrell 015

The class ended with a bevy of beauties.

Felted squirrell 030

I really enjoyed my first attempt at needle felting and have Nutmeg the squirrel as the perfect souvenir.

Felted squirrell 033

2 thoughts on “Making felty squirrels

  • Great job Vikki … what fun to be able to work with some other like minded ladies and have such a fun day ….Green with envy here …

    Isn’t Gretel’s stuff great? She led me by the nose to make a goose just like hers … via e-mail….even sent me the proper wools…. via snail mail..of course…hahahh…… .. I’m in Canada….

  • It was a great day, now all I’ve got to do is finish off nutmeg’s tummy, I think however she’ll be the first of many it really is a lovely craft, so happy that I had Gretel to show me the ropes!

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