This years visit to Giffords

Giffords 103

Giffords Circus has become for us a bit of an annual pilgrimage, we first went a couple of years ago for our friend’s Zoe’s birthday and from that moment on we were hooked. This year we insisted on dragging Fi and Alex (who had never been to Giffords before) along with us and as always we weren’t disappointed. This was the set:

Giffords 104

The story behind the performance came from space/the galaxy (the show was called Moon Songs) mixed in with the story of Giffords two awesome brother jugglers Bibi and Bichu who dreamed as little boys of joining the circus. All the old favourites such as Tweedy made an appearance:

Giffords 108

And new ones like Odoroff the Great Maximilliano Stia whos blend of magic combined with playing the baddy he pulled off brilliantly

Giffords 110

There was also a moon (played by Tweedy) and fortune telling gypsy in a box Magda (also played by Tweedy)

Giffords 114

Then there were horses

Giffords 115

Nell Gifford – Amazing horsewoman and general legend

Giffords 119

Giffords 126

Bears (not real) and dogs (definitely real) riding horses:

Giffords 145

Giffords 146

Acts in hats

Giffords 132

Who were also very bendy

Giffords 133

Tweedy in a cannon

Giffords 149

A lady in a net

Giffords 150

And juggling in the dark

Giffords 135

All of this was before the epic finally given by the Abyssinian Aeronauts (formerly seen in hats – they were incredible)

Giffords 154

So all that was left was for Alex and Fi to have a boogy in the traditional end of show dance

Giffords 162

And we waved a fond farewell, thank you Giffords for another amazing show & see you next year.

Giffords 164

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